Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Learning with Lego

I have been one busy girl lately.  Flat out.  But there is a very good reason for it all.  Let me fill you in.

It all started last year, when I heard about a lady who had started a Lego Social Club.  She started it for her son with Aspergers, and it was a wonderful fit for him.  A great place for him to make friends and work on his social skills, while having fun. 

Upon hearing about her, I thought, Wow, I wish there was something like that around here for Aiden.  It took me time to realize that I could make it available for Aiden, and other children like him.

The Lego Club utilizes Lego-based Social Development Theory.  The children come together and have to collaborate on Lego set building.  Lego building becomes both the incentive and the medium through which they hone their social skills.  They are gently guided to be helpful to one another, communicate with each  other, share with each other and take turns with each other.  But, even more importantly, they are spending time with children their own age,  sharing in play, and feeling a sense of belonging to a club.  What more could we possibly want....

I am so excited.  Finding the right social groups for our kids can be tricky.  You have to decide if your child can handle an activity, if they will participate, if they will actually interact with the others, not to mention whether or not they will have fun.  So, knowing that there will now be a place available for our kids to go, to belong, and to have fun is beyond thrilling to me.

Beyond my excitement, I am experiencing a tiny inner tug of satisfaction and peace.  I feel good about this.  I know I am making something available that will be really meaningful for the children involved.  I know that parents will have a chance to bring their children to a group where they are wanted.  That is all I ever wanted or my own son. 

So, I have been busy.  I am holding registration this upcoming weekend, and cannot wait to meet my new little members!   

 There are still a few spaces available for children aged 5-13.  If you know somebody in the St. John's area who might be interested, they can reach me at