Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Answer will Always be Yes

"Mommy, do I have beautiful eyes?"
"Yes, you have beautiful eyes."
"Mommy, do I have beautiful eyes?"
"Yes, you have beautiful eyes.  The answer will always be yes.  You will always have beautiful eyes."

Beautiful, blue eyes.  They sparkle, they light up, they often look pensive.  They often squint with laughter.  Beautiful, beautiful eyes.  Eyes that see the world a little differently than most.
I remember when you were first born, how those beautiful eyes locked in on mine, and then moved from me to your daddy and back again.  Right away we knew that those were beautiful, beautiful eys.
The times when I needed you to hear me, before we understood.  I worked so hard to get you to look at me with those beautiful, beautiful eyes.
And times when those eyes look scared, overly concerned...and I just want to make them shine again. 
Your eyes that scan the world, always on the lookout for unseen, but percieved dangers.  Real to you.

"Mommy, do I have beautiful eyes?"
"Yes baby.  You have beautiful eyes."

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