Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To the Movie Theatre....And Beyond!

Well, well, what do you know?  It would apear that the long awaited Toy Story 3 is due to hit theatres mid-month...after years of waiting.  Our little man is a big fan of movies 1 and 2, so, naturally he is excited to see the sequel.  Allow me to clarify, he's excited to see with when it comes out on DVD and can be watched from the comfort of our own couch, in our own living room.  The theatre....not so much.

Gentle readers, you may recall my last attempt at taking himself to a movie Up! In Smoke .  It didn't go so great.  But it has been almost a year since that not-so-successful movie outing, and if Toy Story 3 can't help us get beyond this block, nothing will. 

So, the nature of the debate around these parts is, whether to try to, not force, but push him into going.  One side of the argument being, if he doesn't want to go, big deal, don't go.  The other school of thought being, going to a movie together is a nice activity, something we can all do together, something you can do with friends.  It's perhaps a place worthy of getting comfortable with.  What to do...what to do....

Here's what I'm thinking....wait until the movie has been out about a week, so the theatres aren't packed anymore.  Perhaps I'll aim for a weekday morning, and fit this in someday before school let's out for summer, and the city is once again brimming with school aged children all week long.  Just like before, I'll pack enough sweets to get us through....and hope for the best.  Maybe we'll read through "Curious George goes to the Movies" and "If you take a Mouse to the Movies" a few times, to put some excitement into going to the cinemas....and hope for the best.

And if all else fails, you get a full refund if you leave within 20 minutes of the feature presetation.


  1. Natalie, the way you think is the way to go. Always try to do things, even when you failed before. It seems that my daughter can cope with noises better, the older she got. It's not that the hypersensitivity has gone away. She learned to overcome somehow her problems. In many instances it is the will, the excitement of seeing a film in the cinema, the ability to tell her friends about it later, which makes her to push herself further and further.

    Keep trying. If not this year - there will be another.

  2. I just found your blog, and so timely because we're facing the same thing on Monday. We're taking my older son and a few of his friends to see Toy Story 3 Monday afternoon for his birthday, and the current debate in our house is if we should take our 4 yr old who is on the spectrum. He's been to a few movies before with different levels of success, so I have no way to predict how he'll be. I think we're going to try, though, and if one of us is in the hall with him, then at least we gave it a shot. Looking forward to following your blog now and finding out what happens.