Monday, August 16, 2010

Beyond the Big Picture

Last week I had a great opportunity to attend a training session put off by the Geneva Centre for Autism.  The topic was Structured Teaching and I learned a lot of practical, truly useful information.

The presenter had all of us roll up our little Power Point handouts, and look through them like a telescope.  The exercise was intended to illustrate what it is like for individuals with autism, as they tend to see the world in fragmented pieces, rahter than the proverbial 'big picture'.

This really got me thinking.  While obviously an inability to see the big picture, all the parts as a whole, would present many, many challenges to a person...I can't help but see a hidden gift here.  I don't know about you, but sometimes the big picture is a little daunting, and I wish I could focus in on the tasks at hand sometimes, without always looking too far ahead.

Imagine being able to concentrate all of your energies on doing one task well, or learning about one area of interest inside out and upside down, before tiring of it and moving on. Focus.  To the umpteeth degree.

I'm a big picture person.  I get caught up in all that lies ahead of me.  I plan myself crazy at times.  This comes in handy when you have to manage life for a sensory-stressed child, but it can get pretty exhausting too.

Sometimes I'd like to see beyond the 'big picture', I'd like to truly take each day as it comes, get lost in the joys and miracles at hand.  Worry about the rest later.  Get through what I've got to get through without seeing all that lies ahead.

Maybe we could all benefit from a small dose of tunnel vision.

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