Sunday, August 21, 2011

What You Might Not Know

I'd be lying if I said I've got it easy.
When even a simple trip to Walmart takes planning, and a dose of courage.

I'd be lying if I said that although homeschooling is the best possible choice for us, that it's easy.
It is a ton of work, a ton of planning, a rather mighty big project overall, home educating your child.

I'd be lying if I said that it doesn't smart to have three university degrees,  and no career.
When you spot me at the grocery store in sweat pants, possibly pulling my child away from the grimy cleaning cart, "highly educated" probably isn't the adjective that jumps into your head.

But, you might not know that although parenting a child with special needs was never planned, it is an unimaginable priveledge.  A daily reminder of keeping perspective, appreciating your gifts and loving to the hilt.  You might be surprised to know that even though my child may require a lot of extra work, that it is worth it. I would'nt trade one day with him for anything.

You might be surprised to know that I do not wish him any other way.  That the sight of your typical child stirs up no jealousy in me.  Of course I do not wish him challenges or a life filled with obstacles, but he is who he is, and I am wouldn't trade him for the world.  That I'm not looking for miracle cures, just support and acceptance.

You might not know that being responsible for our boy makes me feel special too. 

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  1. I had to laugh, I have three college degrees and I just now came back from Wally-world...sigh.

    And I agree with you--having a child with special needs can be hard but it brings me joy--every single day.