Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The First Day of School

With a quick view of my facebook homepage these last few days, I've been noticing quite a split. 

Many, many people are excitedly posting status updates concerning which grade their children are starting, and many are sharing that their little ones are stepping onto that great yellow bus for their first time ever this morning.

These updates are so lighthearted, joyful, a mixture of pride, and wonderment at the quickly passing years.

And then there are the updates from people I know through the autism community.  All about the preperation they are doing with their children, and their schools, praying for a smooth transition from summer into school, from one grade to another, from old teacher to new.  Many links are being shared to informative articles about how best to work with your school, any and all tips that could possibly make this easier.

These updates are painful.  Their writers are scared, stressed, it's palpable.

When I read these updates, I feel guilty.  I have personally been counting down to the start of school.  For me, that means that our parks and playgrounds can be reclaimed.  Local attractions will return to the lazy pace of the school year. Our city becomes quiet, calm, in a word: accessible.

If I didn't comment on your status update, I'm doing it now.

To all of you who are experiencing the joy, and excitement of your babies moving on up through the grades, and starting the season of their life when they enter school, congratulations!  They are indeed growing up fast, and it is amazing to watch how in such little time, my kids and yours can grow and learn so much.  It warms my heart to see the pride you feel, witnessing the joy of parenthood can do that.  Your children are blessed to be so loved.

For those of you who are facing today with a strong dose of courage, and a belly full of fear, I am astounded at your courage, and stand in awe of you.  I have no doubt your stress translates to dilligence, and my hope for you is that your school and teacher see your concerns and fear as the face of the love you have for your child.  Good luck to you today, and indeed all year long.  May you be blessed with one of the many caring teachers out there who embrace the role of teaching, and see all students success as both their responsibility and joy.

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