Tuesday, November 22, 2011


``So, how’s he doing?``

I don’t know how to answer this question. This question I get asked all the time.

What part of his life are you asking about? Do you want to know if he’s healthy? Do you want to know how he’s doing with his schoolwork? Do you want to know if he’s eating well, sleeping well?

Maybe you’re interested in how he’s doing in comparison to other kids his age. Your sister’s son, or some other point of reference you have for a child his age.

Could be you want to know if he’s happy, if his life is a peaceful, joyous place.

There are so many facets to how he’s doing, and all of these could be placed affront a myriad of backdrops.

How he’s doing today might be different than how he was doing last week, or yesterday. How he’s doing right now might be different than how he was doing an hour ago, or five minutes ago.

I’m not even sure if you’re really all that interested. You could just be making small talk, or showing concern because there’d be a hole in the conversation if you didn’t. Then again, maybe you would really like to know. Perhaps if I took this opportunity to really talk, to really answer your enormous equestion in its entirety you would be the person to listen. (a big risk for me to take)

Are you really asking how he`s doing, or is this just a code to ask how I`m doing.

I fumble, perhaps look down, perhaps plaster a smile upon my face as I consider my response. A weighted silence preceeds my reply.

``Good, he’s doing good.``

Thanks for asking.

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