Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yesterday I Met a Mother

Yesterday I met a mother.
All I feared, she lives.
All of my worst-case-scenarios
are her Monday to Fridays.

And I just can't stop thinking about it.
The thing is, I read about autism a lot, I think about autism a lot.
I worry about autism a lot.
And I identiy with the other parents a lot too.

I cannot help but feel a tug of concern, and a tug of the heart for all of the children on the spectrum.
When I hear of their struggles, or their mistreatment, it stings.
I think of all the things I have wanted to protect my own son from.
And it saddens me to hear from another mom, that the source of the pain comes from professionals.

It is time we rethink bullying.
We spend so much time and effort teaching children not to bully.

It's time we start teaching adults.
How not to use their positions of authority to intimidate and belittle.
How to model respectful treatment of others.

There is a sad reality that parents of exceptional children are forced to come to terms with.  It is a universially shared experience, but one that might catch you by surprise.  Not all of the professionals whose help you seek will be helpful.  Not all of the supports will be supportive.  Sometimes it is the people who are supoossed to be assisting you on your journey who end up hurting you the most.

Be selective, shop around. 
Find the people who are passionate about their careers.  Who are not just good at their jobs, but kind and good.

Because yesterday I met a mother.  And I think she needs to keep looking.

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