Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Good News...

Well, a few good things have been happening around here lately.  And no, sleep, unfortunately isn't one of them! ( not to dwell, but Aiden was up until 1:30 a.m. last night, and Margaret started crying at 4 a.m.)
But, a new support group for mommies of school age kids was started up by a local parent, and WOW!  We are all having very similar experiences, and most of the kids are older than himself, so I'm getting a heads up on how long I can expect certain things to continue and so on.  Plus, they're really nice ladies, so that's an added bonus.
And, very exciting for me, a letter I wrote to CBC Radio's The Current was aired yesterday morning.  So, I was very happy ..perhaps giddy from recent sleep deprivation...but feeling good nonetheless.
And, then, Aiden went to an Arts and Crafts group held with local homeschoolers...and he had a ball, was chatting away with the other kids, and just generally giving me hope for the future.
And I'm all about hope.
(and sleep too....but like I said, not dwelling.)

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  1. Aiden must be getting some big now. I never seen him since this summer when him and Jake were in Soccer together. It is nice to hear things are going good. I never got to hear your article on the CBC Radio's The Current, but i hear a lot of good reviews. Well keep up on what you are doing, sounds great!