Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H1N1 Fear

Honestly, there's always something to worry about.  H1N1 seemed like a distant threat...until it came to town.  People are getting sick here now, and the kids haven't had the chance for the 2 weeks post vaccination to kick in.  And, you know what?  I'm scared.  Terrified actually.
Both of our little ones fit into the high risk category because of their age.  Margaret, at 20 mos, is healthy with a great appetitie, so I feel like if she gets sick, she has some reserves to see her through.  Yikes.  However, I cancelled a regular clinic appointment for her today because I don't want her around anybody who may be sick.  She is my little baby after all.
Now Aiden...he has had no appetite for a few weeks now, and he has definately l;ost a few pounds.  Pounds he really could not afford to lose, so I'm worried about him.  I'm trying to fatten him up, going so far as to buy Boost Plus Calories, to try and put a little meat on his bones.  Because, seriously, if he gets sick....I am afraid it could get dangerous fast.  Even though he is healthy, he is just soooo small, and most likely low on iron too.  Not from lack of trying to feed him mind you.  He just doesn't seem to understand the eating thing.  Is annoyed by the time it takes up when people stop to eat, God forbid, a meal.  To me, this sounds like a dream!  But not when your little boy is getting smaller and smaller in front of you, and surrounded by healthy food, with healthy meals cooked daily.
So, either I've fallen for the media hype, or it's the fact that my sister and kiddies are feeling suscpiciously swine fluesque that my back is up.  And I'm trying to get Aiden's weight up.  I don't have time to get sick, or the energy for my hubby to get sick either.  It is crazy, and scary, and one more thing to worry about.
 It's always an arse or an elbow my Nan used to say...(translation: there's always something.)


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  2. I understand what you mean.Both of my little ones are so tiny, it runs in the family but its soo scary to think of them getting really sick as small as they are.

    I love your blog and have given you an award, so come check out my page for details. =)


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