Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sisterhood...

It's funny how it all works.  You have friends who have travelled through time and space with you, and those relationships are meaningful, and their depth is born from years of time spent together, and common experiences. 
And then, you can meet some people now as an adult, and instantly feel bonded because they share your biggest struggles, your biggest fears, and your biggest hopes.
To be able to sit down with other autism moms....and not need to hand out dictionaries so that they can follow your know people who speak your language...  Occupational Therapy, Speech Language, ABA, A-DOS, proprioceptive, vestibular, hypo, hyper, ISSP, wait lists, therapeutic listening, fidgets, chewy tubes, sensory integration, visual strategies, time timers, Z-Vibes, 5 Point Scales, social stories, power cards, and on, and on, and on.
To know other moms who have trampolines in their living rooms, and inddor swings.  To be able to have a conversation where other people can say, "Oh my God, it's the same at my house", or "that's an issue for us too!".  To know other people who understand that birthday parties are a hellish experience, ones to be endured, but certainly not anticipated, or likely even enjoyed.
It's an instant connection in many ways, we are drawn to each other like magnets.  Once we find a way to get together, you almost have to pry uis apart.  Everyone wants to know other people who get it.  Who understand.  Who live what we live.
I am so grateful for all of you, wether I've met you through this blog, the Autism Society's facebook page, standing on the side of a soccer field while our kids "play" soccer, in the swimming pool, at a conference, a support group, or just by acident.  Just knowing you are all out there makes my life just a little bit easier.
So, thank you to the sisterhood of autism moms.... everyday we move mountains.  Together, we might just manage to keep each other sane!
And Allison, if you're reading....this one's for you.

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