Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Boy Lost

One Nova Scotia family is currently living through every family's worst nightmare.  They have lost their precious 7 year old boy.  Little James Delorey followed his family dog from his backyard, wandered into the woods, and after surviving 2 long, cold nights, was not able to bounce back from his injuries.  Poor little man.
We feel sad for any family that endures that which we cannot even imagine.  But, for autism parents, the scary thing is, that this is one tragedy we can imagine.  Our kids wander.  Our kids will open the door, and walk right on out.  Without the casual shout over their shoulder of, "Mom, I'll be in the yard."  Many children, like little James cannot even speak.  Others, like my own, have full speech, but hampered communication.  And hampered understanding of what information you need to share with your family.
This little boy's passing jolts the entire autism community.  All of our 'what ifs" have been confirmed.  Your child can get lost.  Your child may not respond to their called name.  Despite all of our best efforts, horrible things can still happen.
The news of James's passing came to me right at the heels of a rather embarrassing public meltdown.  I was agitated, I was annoyed, I was exhausted.  I was feeling defeated.  And then I heard.  And perspective came to me hard and fast.  I'll hold both my babies a little tighter tonight, and kiss the tops of their warm little heads just a few extra times.  And I'll be thankful for them.
Little James...my prayer for you...a peaceful rest my boy.  A country cries for you.

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