Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Boy's Eye View

It all started as a simple Kindergarten social studies outcome.  We had to examine landmarks in our community.  Well, our community being St. John's, I knew there'd be no lack of wonderful architecture.  What I didn't know was that Aiden would absolutely fall in love with the buildings...and subsequently many other world landmarks.

A common family activity for us now is to hop in the van, and drive around town, stopping at all of himself's favourite spots.  A number one favourite is the Basilica of St. John the Baptist, quickly followed by The Kirk, the Colonial Building, Government House and the Rooms.  It's actually a lovely way to spend an evening, all of us together, stopping by Tim Horton's on the way for some coffee, and going for a little drive around.

 The Basilica

The Kirk

Colonial Building

I can't help but think how cute it would be if he could give guided tours of the city, he knows EVERYWHERE by name...if it weren't for those pesky child labour laws. We've exhausted the local library's books on St. John's, and we're now moving on to Big Ben, Eifel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge....the list goes on and on.  I didn't realize that I would learn so much during homeschool!

It's so nice to see a new interest develop, and amazing to watch the amount of information that a bright little mind can suck up.  It's also been fun to watch the many drawings of these buildings that he's been pumping out, with an amazing eye for detail.  Not to mention the many renderings in Lego and wooden blocks.  Future artist? Future architect?  Future engineer?  Who knows.......the options are as limitless as this city is beautiful.

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  1. I loved reading this post, what wonderful parents your children have! I wish all children had parents that supported their interests, allowing them to reach for the stars if they so desire. Our sons recent interest is writing and making his own hardbacked books. We homeschool as well and I can't even begin to tell all the things that I have learned myself in the process. Every day is new and full of exciting things to do and learn!