Friday, November 19, 2010

Help Me to Remember

In these hard days, help me to remember that it's been hard before.  I need to remember that hard times come, and hard times go.  Help me to remember how far we have come already, and that things can look up.  Because sometimes, usually not for long, I can forget.  And that scares me.

Help me to remember that all the choices we have made have been made with pure hearts, always with best hopes for other, not for self.  When you have to make such big decisions all the time, it can be easy to question yourself, and sometimes that makes me upset.

When things are rough, I need to remember all of my blessings.  I don't always want to be focused on my worries, there are many in this world who would see my worries as trivial in light of their own, and they are right.  It's all the things I take for granted that are my blessings, how lucky I am to take so many things for granted.  Remembering my blessings can make me feel grateful, and loved.

Help me to remember, when I'm having a hard time, that it's okay if I don't always know what to do.  It's okay if I try a zillion things, some of which I thought were great ideas, and they don't seem to work.  It is my effort and dedication that matter, and lots of times these don't fail me.  When I can't figure out the answer, and I feel like I am walking in circles I can feel frustrated, and dissapointed in myself. 

Help me to remember that when I don't know what else to do, it's always a good idea to love a little harder.  It may not fix everything, but sometimes it's all I have to offer.  And a little extra love never hurts.   


  1. Natalie, as usual you are living inside my brain and my life. We are having a a hard time too. As is the other mom I had lunch with today. Must be something in the air. Take care and may I recommend chocolate.

  2. You are reaching out and touching, that counts a great deal and you are learning every day. Love a little more (as much as you can) and pray a little harder. Where those gather, prayers are answered and we're all here praying with you and for you.

  3. Yes. Too often, we are in some kind of reacting survival mode. It's overwhelming and there is no choice but to cope. But DO look back. You have done so much already and, though there is much yet to do, it all makes a difference. You have laid a solid foundation and only good can come of that.

    It is alright to stumble now and then. May you find more strength and more forward with the confidence that you do have within. It gets better.