Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Pick Up

I recieved a phone call the other day that sort of shook me up a little.  It was late in the morning, we were not long finished our homeschool, generally, going about our day.  Usually I do the whole caller ID thing before answering, but I wasn`t quite expecting the usual telemarketers until I was just about to put supper on the table, or up to my elbows with the kids in the tub...but I digress.  On the phone, a chirpy woman asked for me by name, and then informed me that she was contacting women within my age group for special female cancers insurance. 


Not exactly the reminder of your ageing that you want to hear.  And it struck me... I can`t get sick.  I have way too much that I am responsible for right where I am, thank you very much.  And then it struck me even harder...what if I did get sick..... gulp again.

I cannot imagine anything scarier for a  mom then the thoughts of her children being without her.  Oh wait, yes I can, add special needs to the equation.  I am not just a mom, I am an interpreter of the world, a safe person, an advocate, and above all else, deeply committed, and madly in love!

Double gulp.

I quickly got off the phone, and I admit, while not overtly rude, I was curt and obviously annoyed.  There is something about being an autism parent that makes you grow increasingly disguisted with people who prey on the fears of others.

It`s a good thing I have my New Year Resolutions still posted up around the house.  I, for one, am practising living in the present.  Because honestly, these days, that is about all I can handle.

Next time, I think I will just let it ring.


  1. Hi Natalie,

    Just wanted to thank you for writing such a real and honest blog about life with your son. I have an almost 5 yo with Aspergers all the way across the world in Brisbane Australia. His diagnosis is still very fresh and raw and not something I can share with the world just yet.
    He also adores his cat and while he struggles to read people's faces he has no problem pointing out to me when Bella is smiling!
    Keep up your blog, I am considering a book titled " Einstein's mother wasn't popular at playgroup either" . At the moment I have just started a blog as a creative outlet for myself while I navigate an ocean filled with aspergers and food allergies. Feel free to come along and give yourself a little break as well- just don't mention any of this on my blog as on there he will be Roboboy,like any other boy.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Mel, it's amazing to me that I can sit in my lving room and tap out a post, and you read it on the other side of the world. We really are making the world smaller. Good luck to you on your Asperger's journey, and don't worry, all over the world are other moms who feel like the bad guy at playgroups. It helps to remember that some days!