Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty

Aiden cam
Okay, explain this to me.  We have had our cat Finnegan for 3 1/2 years.  He is a lovely cat, the sort that kind of likes to be close, but doesn't hop up in your lap.  He's more of a be - in - the - same - room  -with - you cat, less of a having - his - big - furry - bum - stuck - up - in - your - face kind of cat.  Perfect.  (or rather, purrrrfect.)

Now, my little man was only 2 when we got Finnegan, so, now at six, it's possible that he can't really remember a time without puss.  So, back to my question.  Up until about 2 months ago, he offered dear little Finnegan absolutely no signs of friendship or kinship.  It was as if they lived in mutual indifference.  Other than the fact that he would list him as a family member, or count him amongst the people that he loved, I would have thought that the cat could have simply vanished, and he migh not even have noticed.  But not now.  Nope.  He has now decided that  not only will  he acknowledge the cat, and try to engage him in play, but he has  also decided that he adores the cat.  He gets up out of bed in the morning, and immediately searches out his feline companion.  He has taken to feeding the cat, giving him drinks of water.  Images of Finnegan are replacing some of his drawings of transport trucks....high praise indeed.

Why I don`t know.

As for the cat, he is accepting his new found attention with trepidation.  But surprisingly, with a huge threshold of patience.   From time to time he stares at me, his big oval eyes pleading for me to rescue him. But for the most part, he takes it all on the chin.

It`s nice that he has a new interest, and I really appreciate his gentle manner towards the little creature, taking on responibility for him is also wonderful.  I guess these are the reasons most people get pets in the first place. 

I just can`t help but wonder where the sudden interest came from. 

Another little mystery to add to the pile... but a nice one.  I really do hope that his little interest persists, pets can be such a comfort.  They demand so little, they have no notions of social expectations.  They just love you for whatever you`ve got to offer them.  Whether it be a pat on the head, or a bowl full of kibble.

Thanks Finnegan, you're a real pal.

Aiden cam again
Putting the "pet" in Pillow Pet

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  1. You just never know why things turn on a dime sometimes. So nice that your little guy and Finnegan are becoming "buddies". It is a great relationship with pets. Have you read All Cats Have AS? http://specialchildren.about.com/od/booksonaspergersyndrome/gr/allcatshaveAS.htm Great little book for an overview and cute photos too.