Saturday, April 2, 2011

World Autism Awareness Day 2011

Today marks World Autism Awareness Day.  Last year I marked the day with thanks,  today I will mark the day with a wishlist....

It's my wish that a day will come that the effect autism has on families is recognized by those who are in positions to adopt policies for change.

That someday when a child decides to throw a meltdown in public, that others will be more compassionate, maybe even helpful.

That families feel that they have valid options for intervention.

That waitlists for vital services dissapear.

That autism families will stop becomming the target of a huge marketing machine.

That the telltale signs of autism will be known by all...

That when a new family gets a diagnosis, the fear is less and the hope is more.

Thick skins for all.


That people will notice our blue lightbulbs, colorful balloons and puzzle piece ribbons today, and take time to ask what they mean.

And lastly an abundance of blessings, love, support and tolerance for my little boy, and all the other children on the autism spectrum.  That you all continue to shine, and amaze us with your beautiful, unique way in this world.

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