Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Help Me To Remember This Too

Last fall I wrote a post, Help Me To Remember.  I wrote it during a very, very difficult and trying period.  Upon rereading this post I am immediately taken back to the stress of that time, although it was just short months ago, it feels like an eternity ago  We were having a rough go, we had just moved house, which was humongously stressful to our little man.

But now, some months later, we are, in a word, settled.  We are floating on the tranquil ocean of routine.  We great each day knowing what to expect, what`s to come.  Home is a peaceful, enjoyable place to be.

Our boy surrounds himself with his art.  He skips in and out from the backyard, freshly revealed since the winter snow.  He loses himself in his interests,  his little sister is quickly growing into a cherished playmate, he has discovered the computer... and even more amazingly, the cat has decided that he loves him back!   

Our boy is joyful. Our boy is joy. So often these days his sweet little face beams, his whole body jolts with excitement.  We look at him and just know we are doing right.    His differences feel more like a source of joy and pride than a source of stress.

And I need to remember this too.  This feeling that all is right with the world.  This feeling of truly enjoying our days.  Help me to remember each sweet day, each broad smile, every day that things just feel good.  Because these are the days that will carry us through the harder times.  These days are the ultimate goal for us...a happy boy and the unmistakeable feeling that we are serving him well. 

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