Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This World is Small

Back in March, in the post You Can't Make This Up,  I let you all in on Aiden's desire to own his very own Rubbermaid cleaning cart.  Well, we managed to convince him that that was indeed too big for the Easter Bunny's basket.  His hopes are now firmly in the hands of dear old Santa Claus.  As I suspected, this new area of interest has not wavered in the least.

In the meantime, Aiden often watches videos about Rubbermaid commercial products on YouTube. (Yes, these exist.)   His favourite so far is one that he calls "the Next Generation of Cleaning Carts"  They also have videos that show how the carts are assembled, how different features work, etc.  The other day he was watching these videos with his daddy, when they came across a video called William gets a Cleaning Cart.  They didn't make this up either

As impossible as it is to believe, there is in fact another little boy out there in this world who also asked for a cleaning cart for Chrismas.  The world is indeed a small, small place.  To watch the boy marvelling over the vinyl replacement bag, and front and back casters, well, it could be my boy!    This video has been watched many, many times now at our house.  I think Aiden is delighted to see that Santa can, in fact bring such an item to a child.  but he has also become seriously concerned because this boyo's cart was not equipped with all of the accessories, such as spray cleaners, mop, broom, and more specically, his came without the bucket on wheels and ringer attachment.  Aiden is quite adament that he wants a cart that is already, and I quote, "Rigged Up!"

While Aiden doesn' t seem to mind that his friends are not interested in janitorial supplies, I cannot even begin to imagine how much fun he would have with this little boy who is. 

Keep on cleaning boys!


  1. The wonderful world of YouTube!!

    Just yesterday my husband and I were at a Professional Kitchen/Cooking Store and I actually found myself getting wistful and seriously considered buying plastic menu covers, a book for giving someone the bill, a straw dispenser etc. It seems the hours I spent as a child playing restaurant have never really left me and I wanted so badly to buy those things that have no place in my current life. If I had received those things for Christmas as a child I would have been out of my mind with joy. As would my son today (which is why I might vicariously get to live through him ;-)

    Good luck on Santa and the cart

  2. How cool that he found someone who shares his interest! Now I know it was his display that I enjoyed at the fair today. I have a love of all cleaning supplies and organization supplies!

  3. mom2spiritedboy, I have to admit that playing restaurant does indeed sound fun. Oh well, I guess we can still get away with playing if we are doing it with the kids.
    Twisted Cinderella, so nice to meet you in person last night. welcome to our group!