Monday, September 7, 2009

Too Good?

I have a theory.
I was listening today about a radio program that was speaking about how kids today tend to be "over-parented".  And if you give this just 2 second thought, you'd be forced to agree!  Kids today are so heavily scheduled!  Everybody is in lessons of some sort, being shipped from soccer to piano to pre-planned playdates, to you name it!  It seems that they go from one organized activity to another as fast as they can get.  
Not to mention daycares.  In order for a child to be succcessful in daycare, they've got to learn from an early age to tow the line.  To follow the little rules, nap at naptime, eat at snack time, play at playtime...on and on.  No longer do kids play dress up, oh no, these days, they take advantage of the Drama Centre.  Oh puh-lease!!!
The result?  Apparantly, kids are too good.  They're overly compliant.  Imagine that!  I guess it sounds like a dream come true, but what it really means, is that kids no longer get to (or have to) think for themselves, or make their own mistakes.  Not good.
So, what's my theory?  I think that all of this has made it harder on kids who have behavioural issues.  There were kids with Asperger's in the fact, once most people learn about it, they think of someone they grew up with, who just must have had it.  There were surely kids with ADHD in the past too, didn't you have a kid in your class who just couldn't sit still?  But, today, these kids stand out wayyyyy more, because everyone else is so good.  Bad behaviour blended better in the past, because kids were kids, and no one expected them to be perfect.  Childish behaviour was more tolerated.  Dennis might have been a menace, but he didn't warrant a behvavioural management plan!
So we've got loads of "good" compliant kids milling around, making all the "bad apples" stand out just a little more.  Being different stands out more, even though today's children are suppossedly more accepting of differences.
Well, good apples/bad apples, it doesn't matter....because I wouldn't trade my yellow apple for all the world! xoxoxo

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