Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lovin' Lego

As a kid, I loved Lego.  As a mom, I love it even more.  It is such amazing toy, and I am blessed to have a little boy who just adores it.  Most mornings, when Aiden first comes downstairs, he heads right for his Lego bins.  And I couldn't be happier about it!
This is a toy that was designed for kids like him....creative, and "builders" by nature.  It has been so useful for him, it is a hobby that has helped him to spend quiet time with himself, he is able to sit still and work on his creations for long stretches of time.  I'm not worried about lack of activity, he can burn more calories in 5 minutes than most kids expend over hours of time, so these little islands of stillness that Lego offers are a blessing.   He can share this interest with lots of other kids, and it's a nice way for him to spend time with me and his's something we can all play with together.  (We're still working on making Margaret's input more palatable!)
Lego is calming, quiet play.  Lego can be used to work on following directions if you work on step by step plans, or it can be 'freestyle' creating.  Love it, love it, love it!  I am amazed at the different things Aiden is able to come up with.  He never fails to impress me with his attention to fine detail.  In fact, I'm just downright proud of it altogether!
It doesn't make noise, or have flashing lights, it's just good old fashion skill-building, creative, imagination-allowing fun.  Lego, you rock!   Of course, in a pinch, a pack of markers and a pad of paper are pretty good too!

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  1. I agree - Lego is wonderful! It gives the desired structure and freedom to improvise in the same time.