Friday, February 12, 2010

Music Appreciation (?)

Yesterday was one long day.  The morning started with a concert by the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Orchestra at the local Arts and Culture Centre.  I didn't know how Aiden would like that...but in an effort to expose him to lots of different things, I thought it was worth a go.  Besides, he seems to have a soft spot for some music, typically the melancholy sort.  Also, he really likes the fancy red flip down seats at the centre.  OK, and I admit it.  I was hoping he'd  be drawn to the cello, or violin, and thus awake a yearning to learn to play such an instrument. (Fast forward, didn't happen.)
However, he did sit through the entire performance without too much hassle....certainly my contraband stash of gummie bears didn't hurt. About half an hour through, he started asking to go I whipped out a pen and some paper so he could doodle quietly for the rest of the show.  But, when the orchestra played Blue Danube, he just stopped talking, rested his head to the side, and didn't say a word.  Bingo!  The moment I'd been waiting for!  He enjoyed it, I know he did.  Yay!!!
However, on the way home, when I asked him what his favourite part had been, he said. " I liked the part where we went home." Groan....
Later in the afternoon we had a homeschooler's Valentine's Party, where he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I was a little flustered by trying to sort through endless stacks of Valentines to stuff into boxes, but he just had fun.  Which is great.
But by last night, after all the candy from the show, and all the cookies from the party....he was "on the go", and I was wiped out! So today, I might just take it easy, I was hoping that the forecasted freezing rain might cancel this afternoon's swimming lessons...but I don't think so. Hmmm...maybe I just won't mention that it's Friday!
Because honestly, the very act of writing this post, is a celebration of sitting down.

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