Sunday, October 24, 2010

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Okay, so I've already dedicated two posts to the amazing Minister Kevin O'Brien, but I just have to share this!  (see You've Got Mail, and Front Page News!)

This man's thoughtfulness and kind heartedness merits just one more post.  He actually made arrangements,came to our house, and knocked on the door, with a transport truck!  Aiden was taken for a nice long ride, blew the horn, used the CB radio, the whole deal.

He was over the moon!  He now has an amazing memory to last him a lifetime.

And to think, all of this because a little boy wrote a letter!

We need more Kevins!!!!!


  1. Can I add, We Need More Natalies!!!! Not every mom would take the time required to start that letter writing process. Not every mom would make the kind of sacrifices it takes to homeschool a little guy who really needs that environment to thrive, the environment that allowed for The Letter in the first place. What an AMAZING experience this has turned out to be for him!


  2. Ah, shucks Caitlin, you've made me blush...
    But thank you, I needed that today!

  3. I love this. I'm so happy for Aiden and I'm touched by the kindness of Kevin and the community. What a wonderful foundation for a happy life.