Friday, July 24, 2009

Autism is...

Autism is not being able to rest your arm on your child while cuddling him.
Autism is having to ask your boy to tell you that he loves you.
Autism is anxiety ridden.
Autism is life altering.
Autism is beautiful.
Autism is brutally honest. Brutally.
Autism is so very, very creative.
Autism is so in touch with the world.
Autism is spreading fast.
Autism is changing the way people interact.
Autism is affecting my family's life.
Autism is a community.
Autism is really, really interesting.
Autism is what makes me want to use my life.
Autism is inspiring.
Autism is what makes me proudest.
Autism is what scares me the most.
Autism is pretty funny, sometimes.
Autism is changing schools and work places.
Autism is very, very real.
Autism is making very tough decisions.
Autism is brothers, sisters, sons daughters.
Autism is only part of a person.


  1. I'm a parent of a son with Aspergers and a son with Autism. I read your blog.

  2. Thank you Chuck. I"ve heard from a few parents, and I think we all just need to know that other people are dealing with similar issues. That's my whole point, so I hope it makes you feel somehow connected, and supported.