Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pick Your Battles

Okay, this appears to be the true mantra of autism parents, and maybe all parents. You have to pick your battles. Because honestly, if you didn't, life would be a constant battle. And there are some days where you face a multitude of battles, none of which can be avoided, due to safety reasons, etc. But I got to tell you, it can be hard to know which to fight, and which to turn a blind eye too. (Luckily for me, I actually have a blind eye. Seriously!)

My yellow apple can find opportunity for creativity, and hence mischief if left in a vacant room with nothing but a gum wrapper. I swear that his creativity, smarts and boundless energy would ASTOUND you. Am I proud of this? Sure! I've learned to celebrate all strengths, and to try to focus on the positive. However, this kind of ability to use everyday objects in new and peculiar ways is not just amazingly creative, and distracting, but a little difficult to take on the road!

For example, once while in a hospital waiting room, Aiden took a pile of pamphlets off a table, and proceeded to shingle the roof of a plastic playhouse. Once that job was done, and mercilessly, we were still waiting, he took it upon himself to begin to install a new floor!

God knows I adore him, like ADORE him...but some days I am just plain exhausted. Seriously, wiped out.

So, now that my little babies are in bed...I think I'll enjoy a little me time. Roughly translated: time to do housework!

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