Friday, July 31, 2009

We are Family

I honestly don't know how single parents do it. If you are a single parent of a child with autism, and you are reading this, give yourself a big round of applause. (Actually, if you're a single parent PERIOD, give yourself a round of applause.) Francis (my husband) is on holidays this past couple of weeks, and it is just soooo great to have that help. And, he's a good daddy. He's hands on, out in the yard with the kids all day kind of dad. Had you driven by my house last evening, he was the guy giving the kids figure 4 leg locks, pile drivers and suplexes on the front lawn. He's like the quintessential uncle, turned daddy.

What I like best, is that he is the only other person in the world who is in on this. I have family and friends I can talk to, but no one but him lives Asperger's Syndrome like I do. Nobody knows Aiden like he and I. Nobody. When other people are around, I always feel like I'm interpret ting behaviours, or always telling people what to do or not do around him. With Francis, he's already had the inservice.

When he gets home from work, Margaret will come running for hugs and kisses. Aiden will come running with tidbit of information from his day. He knows that Aiden wants the hugs and kisses too, I don't have to interpret.

Most importantly, he loves him. Loves him, loves him, loves him. He spends time with him. He accepts him. He has dreams for him. With all the struggles that Aiden may face, and undoubtedly will face, it comforts me to know that he has the priceless benefit of being loved and adored. No matter what kind of experiences he may have with bullying, rejection, loneliness (ouch, that is hard to write) he'll always have love here. Between the two of us, I hope we can give him the solid foundation of love and self-worth at home before setting him free in the world.
So, here's to a great dad. And a great guy. And here's to family!

But don't get me wrong...he still gets on my nerves sometimes....

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